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Anna Loveday originally comes from Devon, but has lived in the London area for several years now.  She has a Masters Degree in Performance and trained as an opera singer in London.


Anna is a dramatic mezzo soprano who has a beautiful low register, described as akin to chocolate, with which she is able to shine in operas such as Carmen.  She is, however, unusual in that she also has a very powerful top register which enables her to successfully play parts such as Lady Macbeth.

She has worked with many opera companies in London and the South East as well as touring for several years with Opera Brava.

Anna is in demand as an oratorio soloist and a recitalist and has worked with many orchestras on such works as Mahler's 'Das Lied von der Erde'.

She has fantastic stage presence, helped by the fact that she is also a talented straight actor.  For several years she toured a one woman show which was written for her and in which she played 23 different characters.

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